10 car larcenies in elma over past two days

Criminals are Entering Locked and Unlocked Cars to Steal Valuables

Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard is reporting his office is investigating ten separate car larcenies over the past two days in the Town of Elma along Homeward Place and Aurora Street.

Some of the vehicles were left unlocked while other vehicles sustained extensive damage from the break-in attempt.  Among the items taken in the larcenies were loose change, paper currency, bank cards, purses, and check books.

The Sheriff reminds everyone to lock their vehicles whenever it is left unattended, and now with criminals breaking-in to locked vehicles, Sheriff Howard urges residents to remove anything of value from the vehicle every night or when you leave the car unattended.

Sheriff Howard explains, “These criminals are no longer checking for unlocked doors and moving on, rather they are looking anything of value and using any means to enter the car and take items from you.”

If anyone has information about these break-ins or has security cameras in the area, they are asked to contact the Erie County Sheriff’s Office at 716.858.2903.