Man runs into woods after argument, located by K9 team

The Half Mile Track Took Deputies through Woods and a Creek

Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard reports Deputies responded to Boston Saturday afternoon when a male, in his mid-twenties, argued with family members and fled into a wooded area.

Deputies Grube and the K9 Team of Deputy Grabar and Cort responded to the wooded area and began a track.  Using scent from an article of the subject’s clothing, Cort led the search.

Cort advanced into the woods and along some trails to a point where trails intersected.  The police dog searched the area around the intersecting trails and detected the scent path of the subject.  Cort took the Deputies to a creek bed and began an air scent search for the individual.

After about one-half mile, Cort alerted on the scent, and the individual was located on the bank of the creek; he was found in good health.

Cort is a 7-year veteran of the Erie County Sheriff’s Office and is certified in narcotics detection, tracking, and other police services.