Sheriff Deploys New Speed Enforcement Tool

Sign and Display Allow Deputies to Determine Trouble Spots

Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard is deploying a state of the art speed monitoring sign throughout the Sheriff’s patrol areas. This speed detection and display sign can be quickly deployed anywhere in the patrol districts and easily mounts on road sign posts.

This advanced tool detects a vehicle’s speed, displays the speed to the driver, and collects the speed of each vehicle which passes it. The Sheriff’s Patrol Service Division and Traffic Unit can review the data and assess the best times and locations to concentrate its speed enforcement details.

The sign has been deployed for the past few weeks and has collected speeds of thousands of drivers and their vehicle’s speed. The Traffic Unit and Road Patrol Deputies have utilized the data to schedule speed enforcement details throughout the districts.

The sign was purchased by the Erie County Sheriff’s Office with funding provided by Erie County Sheriff’s 21st Century Foundation for $4975.00.