Sheriff Maintains High Standards For Civil Accreditation

State’s 1st Accredited Civil Enforcement Division Gains Re-Accreditation from NYSSA
Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard announces his Civil Enforcement Division has been reaccredited by the New York State Sheriff’s Association.  
Peter Kehoe, Executive Director, NYS Sheriff’s Association, was present to award Sheriff Howard and Chief John A. Anthony a certificate and plaque signifying the division has achieved and maintained the high standards necessary for the organization’s accreditation designation.
In 1995, The Erie County Sheriff’s Office Civil Enforcement Division became the first accredited unit in New York and had been continuously reaccredited ever since.  The process was initiated in late August after two independent auditors from different New York Sheriff’s Offices reviewed records, policies and procedures as well as operations.  The committee concluded the Erie County Sheriff’s Office had maintained all the standards necessary for the organization’s accreditation.
The Sheriff’s Office now has three divisions that have achieved accreditation, Police Services, Jail Management, and Civil.