Sheriff’s Office Sends 11 More Deputies To Active Shooter Training

Buffalo, NY – Erie County Sheriff Timothy B. Howard announces eleven Deputies, Detectives, and a School Resource Officer completed Advanced Active Shooters Scenario training at the State Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany, New York.
The 3-day course provided training to combat coordinated attacks in which small arms fire, automatic weapon, and explosives are used to attack a target and individuals.  Much of the training focused on a scenario in which there would be multiple fatalities and mass casualties that require on-scene emergency care and evacuation to medical facilities.  Included in the training were scenarios where first responders needed to provide immediate care in both direct and indirect threat situations. 
The Sheriff Office continues to enroll Deputies into New York State Homeland Security and Emergency Services’ active shooter training, and recently the office certified 20 Deputies as EMTs so they can provide emergency care at the scene of an active shooter incident.